VinCSS started to commercialize a new IoT security platform applying FDO standard


Recently, VinCSS Internet Security Services JSC, a subsidiary of Vingroup Vietnam, just launched its IoT Security solution named VinCSS IoT FDO. This solution utilizes the advantages of FIDO Device Onboard (FDO), an unique protocol issued by the world Fast Identity Online Alliance (FIDO Alliance) to provide the IoT industry with a fast and secure way to onboard any devices to any device management system.

VinCSS’s new solution for efficiency and security at IoT deployment

IDC analyst estimates that the IoT market value will continue to surpass the $1 trillion threshold in 2022. Despite this rapid expansion, the industry stakeholders are highly concerned about infrastructure breaches. 85% of the 170 IoT leaders polled responded that security issues continue to be a significant roadblock to IoT adoption.

In the context of increasingly requiring solutions to ensure safety for IoT devices and facilitate such devices' deployment process, VinCSS, a member of FIDO Alliance came up with a new solution named VinCSS IoT FDO which using the FDO (FIDO Device Onboard) protocol for securely setting up and configuring IoT devices automatically. Developed by FIDO Alliance, “FDO is an automated onboarding protocol for IoT devices, leveraging asymmetric public key cryptography to provide the industrial IoT industry with a fast and secure way to onboard any device to any device management system According to FIDO Alliance, fully automated device onboarding, which significantly helps facilitate the previously manual process, is the primary aspect of FDO. In addition, FDO makes the devices significantly more resistant to attack by substituting extremely secure cryptographic keys for generic password credentials.

VinCSS IoT FDO includes the following features: Installation, deployment, expansion, operational management, and configuration of IoT devices. Cited in a published paper of FIDO Alliance, the business benefits from the FIDO Device Onboard standard include: Simplicity, Flexibility, Security

Wide applicability, started with a new generation of advanced security camera

VinCSS IoT FDO is a solution wholly researched, developed, and mastered by VinCSS from inheriting and creatively applying the FDO protocol of FIDO Alliance to enhance level of trust during the IoT device onboarding process. The solution is suitable for various applications of IoT technology such as automatic factories, smart cities, logistics services, security cameras, smart cars, and all businesses with a complex digital infrastructure that manage to scale up quickly and effectively.

Currently, VinCSS has cooperated with Pavana, a Vietnamese leading camera designer and manufacturer to apply the VinCSS IoT FDO solution to Pavana’s high-end security camera lines, thereby eliminating the risk of data leakage and information insecurity from devices to a maximum extent.

VinCSS IoT FDO solution is one of the extended applications developed from the VinCSS FIDO2 Ecosystem, which helps activate, securely install and manage configurations for many, up to thousands of IoT devices with time and cost efficiency. Thereby increasing the efficiency of implementation, expansion and ensuring the safety of IoT projects. Moreover, this solution also helps prevent supply chain attacks because now the industry has a standards and tool to securely manage or validate IoT products of vendors/partners., said Mr. Do Ngoc Duy Trac, CEO of VinCSS.

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